Hi, Very nice! Before my click on this article on Twitter I read there this:

"Compounding Quality


3 h

2. Net Debt / EBITDA

Shows how many years it takes for a company to pay off its debt when it would use all EBITDA to pay down debt.

The lower this ratio, the better.

You want the Net Debt / EBITDA to be lower than 4."

Could you add your opinion regarding to Salesforce debt? Does not this debt too huge?



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Hi - never trained in accountancy but really learning a lot from your visuals and some recommended books. Is it true in the cash flow statement, net income must be adjusted by adding back all non-cash items, including stock-based compensation (sbc) and depreciation to arrive at cash from operating activities. Is it possible to include SBC in the visuals? Or perhaps it is in there and I'm thinking about it incorrectly. It seems so many companies use it and it isn't always apparent how dilutionary it is. many thanks

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