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Great rundown. I could not believe...Microsoft didn't make ANY economic profit from ALL of its personal computing & Xbox division?! No wonder the quality of games has visibly declined..they're not putting the necessary investments into Xbox or personal computing that would be necessary to retake any market share from Nintendo, Sony, or Apple.

The other thing that stood out to me is that Microsoft is extremely dependent upon its Azure division. Much like Amazon, Microsoft's legacy business doesn't appear to be growing like it once could and had, and therefore, Big Tech does not have a very positive way forward, especially as corporate clients continue cutting back on spending on cloud computing.

In the event of a full-blown economic depression, Microsoft will get hit HARD. The investment in OpenAI isn't a sure-thing, either, in my view. The AI is clearly biased in its output, and is still only able to access data up through the end of 2021, which is now going on 2 years. ChatGPT will have big competition from Google and Baidu, going forward.

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