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Thanks for publishing great articles. I have been thinking of getting subscribed to your investment hub ($149 subscription). I had one question - if I take that subscription, will it include the $19 subscription which I have already taken or are these two separate things ? (Sorry to ask this question here -I couldn't find this information anywhere and didn't know any other way to get an answer)

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Hi there! Thank you so much for your kind words. This is a great place to ask questions. You can always reply to any of my emails. I read all the replies and love receiving feedback and suggestions : )

To clarify on the subscriptions, I run two separate services:

1) How They Make Money (via Substack):


This subscription unlocks:

Hundreds of visuals each earnings season.

Weekly Tuesday articles covering earnings, IPOs, and industry insights.

2) App Economy Portfolio (via Seeking Alpha):


With this, you’ll get:

Exclusive access to my stock portfolio updates in real-time.

A monthly deep dive on a company I’m investing in (1st of the month).

A monthly list of the top six stocks on my watchlist (15th of the month).

While we do occasionally offer bundle deals for annual subscribers, these are not available for monthly plans. Opting for an annual plan is significantly more cost-effective, offering savings of up to 50% or even 70% for the portfolio service.

For more free resources, there is a section on this website called Investing Hub. It's a series of articles about investing and how to read financial statements. They are free and available here: https://www.appeconomyinsights.com/t/investing-hub

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Thanks for the reply.

Follow up on #2.

- my assumption was you will have detailed analysis of all the 70 plus companies you are investing in. W

When you say deep dive on a company I am investing in -- is it an existing company you are invested in or a new company that you want to invest in.

I would have taken annual, but wanted to check what is available before enrolling for the annual plan.

Do you have any trial period for #2 that can help me make a decision on the annual plan ?

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Perfect! I'm happy to clarify further:

1) Earnings Reviews and Visuals: Absolutely, I cover earnings reviews for the companies within the portfolio, complete with insightful visuals to help you understand their performance at a glance.

2) Monthly Deep Dives: The monthly deep dives typically focus on a new company I invest in (like the one I'm sending to members today). That said, I do occasionally revisit existing companies in the portfolio when there's a particularly compelling investment case or opportunity to reassess based on new developments.

3) Trial Periods: I understand the importance of feeling confident before committing to an annual plan. While I've experimented with free trials in the past, the immediate access to my entire portfolio and an extensive archive of articles has led me to reserve this content for fully subscribed members. This policy helps maintain the integrity and exclusivity of the service. I publish a lot of free content across my social media channels and website, so you know what to expect as a subscriber.

I genuinely believe the value and insights offered by the App Economy Portfolio service will exceed your expectations and hope to welcome you to our community of investors soon. If you have any more questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. I hope this helps!

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Thanks for the prompt reply. I have enjoyed reading the articles so far.

I trust your word; I have taken the annual membership. Very excited to read and understand your analysis.

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Using the listen to article feature takes How They Make Money to a new level🎉

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